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Dr. G R Rajkumar


Associate Professor

Educational Qualification

BE, M.Tech, PhD


Teaching: 15 years
Industry: 02 Years

Research: 04 years

Area of Interest

Self Healing of Polymers, Metal joints by adhesives

Date of Joining RVCE



Email ID



Project Guided:

Number of UG projects guided: 20

Number of PG projects guided: 14



National Journals: 02

National Conference: 02

International Journals: 05

International Conferences: 01


List of International Journals publications:

  1. Experimental investigation of low­velocity repeated impacts on glass fiber metal composites GR Rajkumar, M Krishna, HNN Murthy, SC Sharma, KR V Mahesh Journal of materials engineering and performance 21 (7), 1485­1490, 2012

  2. Investigation of repeated low velocity impact behaviour of FRP/Aluminium and CFRP/Aluminium laminates GR Rajkumar, M Krishna, HNN Murthy, SC Sharma, KRV Mahesh Int. J. Soft Comput. Eng 1 (6), 50­58,2014

  3. Investigation of Burst Pressure on Carbon/Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Metal Tube for High Pressure Applications BG Sumana, HNV Sagar, M Krishna, GR Rajkumar Procedia Materials Science , 535­539, 2014

  4. Investigation of Tensile and Bending Behavior of Aluminum based Hybrid Fiber Metal Laminates GR Rajkumar, M Krishna, HN Narasimhamurthy, YC Keshavamurthy, ... Procedia Materials Science 5, 60­68, 2014

  5. Statistical Investigation of The Effect of Process Parameters on Shear Strength of Metal Adhesive Joints G.R.Rajkumar, M.Krishna,H.N.Narasimhamurthy, keshavamurthy.Y.C,Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Springer, 2016



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