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Events and Seminars

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1.Talk on Engineers role in independent india by Dr K .N Subramanya, Principal, RVCE on 14 Oct 2022.

2 Department of Mechanical Engineering organised a one week FDP on 3D Experience(CATIA) - Hands on Training from 19-23 september 2022.

3.Technical Talk on Advanced poymers 24 August 2022.

4.Training on Sensors and its application development using design thinking approach 17-19 Aug 2022.

5.Training on skill defention for contemporary engineers on 23 april 2022.

6. Employable ability and re skilling requirment for PG students by Dr. K. Ramachandra on 10 mMarch 2022.

Dr. Krishna M, Prof Jinka Ranganayakalu and Dr. Shivaraj BW in association with U.R. Rao Satellite Centre, Indian Space Research Organisation orgainsed a one day program on October 5 2019 to celebrate World Space Week 2019