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Affidavit for anti ragging

As per the judgment of the Hon. Supreme court, delivered on the 8th May 2009, it is mentioned that it is required to maintain a regulatory bodies to maintain a database of anti-ragging. The task of monitoring the database is given to a nongovernmental agency. In the year 2013 The Gazette of India published that online database need to be created.  It also said that the oath commissioner signature is deleted.

College needs to get this undertaking by students. It has been decided to get the on-line undertaking by each student. Each student should take on-line anti-ragging undertaking.  A print out after taking the undertaking need to be taken and kept in the counselors file.

Even though the students have given the affidavit they need to take online undertaking

The two website provides “ANTI RAGGING Undertaking BY STUDENTS AND PARENTS/GUARDIANS”.

Download the following Documents for your information