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Internship @ RVCE - 2022

Industry Certified Internship for 2nd Year ( 4th sem ) Engineering  Students of RVCE and elsewhere.

Duration : 6 weeks , Mode : Blended with Flexible  Schedule ( to be completed before feb 2023) 

Meaningful internships empower engineering students with up skilling, enrichment of practical knowledge and career building. This is exactly why AICTE has made internships mandatory in engineering curriculum. The unique Industry Certified Internship makes students Ready Engineers; during internship the students work on state-of-the-art multidisciplinary projects, sharpen experimental, analytical and numerical skills, and learn the applicability of technologies in diverse fields. The Internship provides opportunity to associate with state-of-the-art infrastructure of the Centres of Excellence / Competence of RV College of Engineering, Bengaluru and hence to create professional network in their field of interest. The experiential learning during internship through one-to-one interaction with faculty researchers validates the skill-set of the students and hence catalyses the chances of getting placement.

List of Internship Topics under different Centres of Excellence / Competence for Engineering students

  1. RV-Bosch Rexroth Centre of Competence in Automation Technologies

  2. Centre of Competence in Automotive Mechatronics

  3. Centre for CCTV Research (Research to Reality)

  4. CISCO-RVCE Centre of Excellence in Internet of Things

  5. Centre for Nanomaterials and Devices

  6. Centre of Excellence in Computational Genomics

  7. RVCE-HPCC Systems Centre of Excellence in Cognitive Intelligent Systems for Sustainable Solutions

  8. Centre of Competence in Smart City Technologies

  9. Centre of Excellence in e-mobility

  10. Centre of Competence in Visual Computing

  11. Centre for Logistics & Supply Chain Management

  12. Centre of Excellence in Macroelectronics

  13. Centre for Quantum Computing

  14. Centre for Sensors and Sensor application development

  15. Centre for Hydrogen and Green Technology

  16. Centre of Excellence in Smart Antenna and Measurement Systems

  17. Centre for Autonomous Vehicles

  18. Women in Cloud Center of Excellence in India

  19. Centre for Integrated Circuits & Systems

  20. CoE in AI Research and Business Solutions

  21. Centre for Robotics and Automation 

Registration Process

Select Internship Module of your interest under one of the above centres of Excellence/ Competence; from the list of Modules offered under each of the Centres of Excellence/ Competence.

Interact with the respective faculty / coordinator of the Centre of Excellence / Competence for more details (Contact details provided)

Payment of the Registration Fees:

Rs. 3000 +18% GST = 3540(Rupees three thousand five hundred forty only)

Click here for Online Payment Link

Once the payment is made, the proof of payment with transaction id (screenshot) to be emailed to the faculty / coordinator of the respective Centre of Excellence / Competence.

Internship Duration: Six weeks: Starting from 28 November 2022

On successful completion of internship, certificate will be awarded through the Centre of Excellence / competence in association with the Certifying Industry.